St. Patrick’s Day Party Planning

By March 12, 2012 No Comments

There is only one holiday listed on most calendar’s in March, St Patrick’s Day. Whether or not you are Irish, for those wanting to hold a party, it’s a pretty good holiday to celebrate. After all, what better excuse do you need to drink Irish ales and munch on corned beef and potatoes?

Kell’s Irish at 112 SW Second in Portland has an Irish festival March 15-18 to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Thinking about holding your own St Patrick’s Day Party in Portland? Having the event at an Irish restaurant can make it simple. Kell’s has banquet facilities for events with up to 250 people, but since St. Patrick’s Day is such a busy time for an Irish restaurant, there is a good chance that their facilities will not be available near the holiday or if they are you will have to reserve them far in advance.

Odds are you will have to pick another venue and decorate it to suit the holiday. Local dollar, party, and craft stores sell a wide variety of decorations, paper plates, napkins, cups, tables cloths, and more with a St Patrick’s Day theme. If your event is outdoors, be sure you have appropriate shelter or rent a tent. Portland can get pretty wet this time of year!

Book an Irish band or pick out some prerecorded Irish tunes for a DJ to play at your party. Be sure to book your entertainment early as this time of year, anything Irish is in heavy demand. Having an Irish dance? Consider getting a dance floor.

Food and drink are important parts of any party and St Patrick’s Day is no exception. If you are having your party catered, book your caterer far in advance to make sure you get your first choice.

Check the space requirements in regards to serving liquor if you intend to serve Irish alcohol. Coloring your beer green? Stock up on the green food coloring. A bar ran out of green food coloring and started using mint in their beer instead to keep the St Patrick’s Day theme. A lot of patrons stopped drinking and left rather than drink the minty ale.