Planning an Animal Party

By June 11, 2012 No Comments

Animals in the wild, at the zoo, and at the circus fascinate children. What little boy or girl does not want a puppy or a kitten? An animal themed party is sure to be a hit with pretty much any kids. The party theme can be based around all animals, a group of animals like ocean animals or birds, or a particular kind of animal such as a horse or a dog.

Perhaps the easiest way to hold an animal themed party is to have the party at the Oregon Zoo. The zoo not only showcases a wide variety of exotic animals, but also includes a farm where kids can pet goats, rabbits, and other farm animals.

Several farms in the Portland area also have party space and animals for kids to see and pet. For instance, Kruger Farm on Sauvie Island offers birthday party packages and a petting zoo.

Want to bring the animals to your party location? Consider having a petting zoo, a reptile zoo, or pony rides at your party. Having a face painter who can paint animal faces on the kids is another fun party entertainment idea.

Along with having real animals at your party, you can get animal themed inflatables and play equipment for your party. Inflatables like the Lion Bouncer and the Gorilla Bouncer feature are perfect for an animal themed party.

You can pick up animal invitations, decorations, plates, cups, party favors, games, and toys at dollar or party stores. Buy or make a cake with decorations to match your theme as well. One simple way to decorate a cake is to use plastic animal figures on top of a simple frosting job. You can also get cake pans that are shaped like animals, or frost an animal face on a circle shaped cake.

Kids are wild about animals so your animal themed party is sure to be a wild success. Have fun!