Ice Cream Bars for an Ice Cream Cart

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If you are planning a large warm weather event, like a fair or a concert, selling ice cream bars is a no brainer. When people get hot, they are going to want to cool off, plus ice cream is a delicious treat. People even buy ice cream when the weather is cold (or else all the ice cream shops would close for the winter).

So what kind of treats can you put into an ice cream cart? Pretty much any kind of frozen ice cream bar or popsicle will work. Check with bulk grocery stores such as Costco or Cash ‘n Carry to see what is available locally and watch for sales at local grocery stores. Sometimes grocery stores will have sales on ice cream bars that make them even cheaper than the bulk stores.

Here are some ice cream bars and frozen treats that you can consider selling in an ice cream cart:

Ben and Jerrys
Bars (chocolate dipped ice cream): Cherry Garcia, Fudge Brownie, Half Baked

Blue Bunny
Bar (stickless): Big Alaska, Nutt’n Better
Bars (with sticks): Bananas and Cream, Banana Pops, Blueberry and Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt, Bom Pop (cherry, lime, raspberry), Caramel Ice Cream, Carmello, Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt Swirl, Chocolate Caramel Cashew, Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae Crunch, Chocolate with Almonds, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Raspberry, Chunky Mango, Chunky Strawberry, Creamy Coconut, Double Chocolate, Double Dutch Fudge, Double Fudge, English Toffee, Fudge, Fruit Burst Bomb Pop (watermelon, lemon and green apple), Heath, Jolly Rancher, Lemonade Bomb Pop, Lucas Chamoy (chamoy and chili), Lucas Pelucas (tamarind and hot chili), Orange Dream, Orange Sherbet Tubes, Pina Colada, Root Bear Float, Slush Pops (cherry, grape, orange), Sour Power Bomb (watermelon, orange, green apple), Star Bars (milk chocolate and vanilla ice cream), Strawberries and Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream (chocolate coated), Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae, Turtle (chocolate, caramel, and pecans) , Twin Pops (cherry, lemon-lime, orange), Twirlix (chocolate and banana), Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Fudge, Vanilla Ice Cream Crunch
Cones: Bunny Tracks, Caramel Lovers, Classic Sundae, Chocolate, Chocolate Lovers, Cookies ‘n Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla
Sandwiches: Big Bopper (chocolate chip cookie) Birthday Party (cake), Chips Galore (chocolate chip cookie), Double Strawberry, Milk Chocolate, Mint Grasshopper, Mississippi Mud, Neapolitan, Peanut Butter Fudge Chip, Rocky Road, Vanilla Bean

Good Humor
Bars (ice cream): Candy Center Crunch, Choco Dipped Vanilla, Chocolate Éclair, Cookies and Cream, Ice Cream on a Stick, Mounds, Oreo, Reeses, Strawberry Shortcake, Toasted Almond, York
Cones: King Cone, Triple Chocolate Brownie Giant King Cone, Vanilla Chocolate Giant King Cone, Sundae Cone
Ice Cream Sandwiches: Vanilla, Neapolitan, Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Bars (chocolate dipped ice cream): chocolate and dark chocolate, vanilla and milk chocolate, vanilla and dark chocolate, vanilla and almonds, coffee and almond crunch, raspberry and vanilla milk chocolate
Frozen Sundaes: Vanilla Caramel, Vanilla Chocolate

Bars (chocolate dipped ice cream): Original, Caramel Pretzel, Dark Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Heath, Krunch, Mint Chocolate Chip, Neapolitan, Oreo, Reeses, Rocky Road
Choco Taco: Original, Chocolate, Peanut Butter
Sandwiches: Classic Vanilla, Chocolate, Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie, Oreo, What the Fudge? Brownie

Magnum Ice Cream
Bars (chocolate dipped ice cream): Almond, Classic, Dark, Double Caramel, Double Chocolate, Mint, Mochaccino, White

Popsicles: Cherry, Grape, Orange, Airheads, Banana, Banana Mania, Big Stick Cherry Pineapple, Firecracker, Jolly Rancher, Jolly Rancher Awesome Twosome, Lemon Lime, Marvel Super Heroes, Rainbow, Rootbeer, Scribblers Pops, Slow Melt Dora the Explorer, Slow Melt Mighty Mints, SpongeBob Squarepants Pop Ups, Sour Patch Kids, Sugar Free Healthy Bunch, Sugar Free Tropicals
Yosicle: Duos, Layerz, Torpedo
Sno Cone

Now that is a list to make someone hungry for ice cream! Hope all of the options inspire you and help you plan out the perfect items to sell in an ice cream cart at your event.