Party Planning

Simple And Fun Kids Theme Celebration Ideas

By October 14, 2011 No Comments

Planning a party can be both fun and frustrating as you struggle to choose the best theme for the party that is certainly also age appropriate for the birthday girl or boy.

While using a theme may not be necessary, it can make the party more fun and memorable. Nonetheless, different ages will find different themes are more effective for various age groups of kids.

For example, a first birthday celebration can be entertaining for youngsters if the theme is based on something they know. A few of the top themes for one year old children are ones based on nursery rhymes or favorite toys.

A farm themed cake with favors given out in small buckets like the ones utilized for milking cows on the farm are popular if your small child loves farm creatures, or a celebration with a Sesame Street theme may very well be appropriate if the kid loves Elmo.

If you have a preschooler, you may want to pick a basic theme that moves completely around their favorite color. For example, if the party’s concept is blue, utilize blue cups, blue plates, blue hats, blue streamers and everything else in different shades of blue. This can really help your child love their bash, without making things too complex.

For a party for girls between ages five and seven, make sure you try a cheerleading party. Most girls this age begin to be interested in cheerleading and you’ll be able to start with invitations that appear to be, or are made from, mini megaphones. You can have cheering activities for the party guests to engage in, as well as a station where they learn new cheers.

The most challenging group to please when deciding on a theme is the tween age group. However, all of them seem to be into makeup and you could have a makeover party concept for kids in this age range.

Take before and after photos as a memory of the party and to remind them of all of the fun they had playing with makeup. For boys, a good number of parties which involve sports or gaming systems will be a success. In most cases, tweens simply just want to hang out together.

A lot of time your older kids won’t really be into a themed party, however if you try you could be able to get them eager. To get older kids interested in the party, consider having a video scavenger hunting themed party.

Get several adults to assist you by driving a few teams of children around to find items in your town. Have the kids document their discovering with their camera or picture phones.