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Mechanical Bull Rental in Portland

By October 21, 2006 No Comments

Mechanical Bulls are a great addition to any event. Our rental inventory contains several bulls available for rental in the portland area.When considering a mechanical bull rental a person should always consider these factors:

1) What kind of Power does the mechanical bull require?

Some mechanical bull operators have bulls which require heavy power. In our experience hiring a bull that requires anything more than 2 110volt circuits, you are taking a considerable risk. Always ask what power is required to run a mechanical bull- and if the operator states that it runs on 220 or 240 volts, or anything more than 20amp circuits stay away- we have seen too many events ruined by these types of mechanical bulls.

2) Does the Mechanical Bull Operator carry insurance?

If the provider can not offer a proof of insurance, then do not rent. A mechanical bull like any amusement device is something you want to be sure is insured.

3) What Model mechanical bull is it?

If the bull is an older model it may not be as safe, or in as good mechanical shape as a newer mechanical bull.

*** Update 1/26/07

We heard a complaint today about a person who had a mechanical bull at an event that required 220 or 240 amp circuit, which they did not have.  The Operator, then left to bring the event sponsor a generator.  He returned 2 hrs later, missing half of the event.  Then he charged the client an additional fee to get the generator.

We truly recommend only using a mechanical bull which is powered by nothing more than 20 amp circuits to avoid this issue.