Temporary Tattoos for Events

By March 22, 2012 No Comments

Looking for a fun activity for an event? Temporary tattoos are an easy activity that can be lots of fun and useful too.

Offer airbrush or henna tattoos as a fun activity at a party. Kids enjoy showing off their new tattoos and mom’s won’t mind since they clean off easily when the time comes.

Identify your group with tattoo. Pick a tattoo to put on every participant in a group so you can tell them from the rest of the crowd. Tattoos can be a fun alternative to tickets or hand stamps for a VIP group at an event. For instance, if you are having a bachelor or bachelorette party in a club and have a private room reserved, you can use a tattoo to mark the people who are members of the party so you know who to allow into the room. Or you can use a tattoo as a backstage pass for a concert. You can even have multiple tattoos to mark specific levels of admittance, for instance crew, performers, and VIPs.

Use tattoos as a marketing strategy. Get a stencil made of your logo and offer free airbrush tattoos at a booth at an event. Anyone who gets one of your tattoos will be walking around with an advertisement for your company on their skin (till they wash it off), plus offering the tattoo encourages people to visit your booth in the first place.

Offer tattoos as a fundraiser. Let people pick their tattoo for a small price to raise money at an event. Tattoos are especially popular at concerts where everyone wants to be a rocker, at least for the day.

Temporary tattoos are a fun addition to any event!