Putting on an Outdoor Concert

By February 29, 2012 No Comments

It’s raining outside right now, but summer will come eventually and with it come a host of outdoor events including concerts. Even though it feels like summer is a long time away, events take a long time to plan, so there’s no time like the present to start.

Where do you intend on holding the concert? Popular outdoor concert venues in the Portland area include the Clark County Amphitheater, Oaks Park, Columbia Meadows in St Helens, the waterfront, and some Portland Parks. Be sure and get all necessary permits and insurance for your event and know the requirements and restrictions of your venue.

Once you determine where you are holding your concert, find out what amenities the venue includes and what you will need to provide. Start with a stage, and a sound system. You may also choose to have lighting if the event is going to go on after dark. A generator may be required if power is not readily available for the equipment you are using for your event.

One of the biggest challenges with holding a concert in the Northwest is the weather. Be sure to have a plan in case of rain. Make sure to provide cover for your performers and consider tenting part or all of the audience if the forecast calls for rain. With all the planning and hard work that goes into putting an event on, you do not want to have to cancel because the weather did not cooperate.

Audience members can sit or stand on the grass or you might provide bleachers or chairs. Many concerts have premium seating areas close to the stage. If you are charging admission, you will need to be sure the facility is secure enough so that people cannot just walk in and out at will. If there are not sufficient bathrooms at the venue, provide porta potties and sinks.

Concessions often provide much of the income for events, so have vendors selling a good selection of food and drinks. Beer gardens are also very popular at concerts.

Of course the most important part of any concert is the music. Popular bands draw their own crowds while less known acts will require more publicity.