Panning for Gold

By March 26, 2012 No Comments

Kids learn in school about prospectors panning for gold during the Gold Rush, but reading about things in books or listening to a teacher talk leaves the kids with an abstract notion of how things were. History comes alive much more vividly when kids get to participate. Experiencing historic activities then makes the children more interested in learning more about history and excited to read or listen to an instructor who is teaching about the subject.

Panning for gold can be a fun activity for school events, fairs, parties, and other events. Kids have fun looking playing in the water, looking for treasure, and learning at the same time. Adults, of course, can enjoy panning for gold too, especially when there is a real treasure to be found.

For educational events, consider combining gold panning with watching one of the many documentary films about the Gold Rush or for fun events play Charlie Chaplin’s classic silent film “the Gold Rush.”