Hosting a Movie Screening

By May 10, 2012 No Comments

A movie screening can be an event by itself, or watching a movie can be entertainment for an event such as a party or festival.

A movie theater is the ideal venue for a movie screening and most offer their facilities to rent for events. You can also arrange to play a movie at a park or an outdoor venue using portable equipment. For a smaller, more intimate event, quality home theater equipment can be used to play a movie from a DVD.

There are many things to consider when planning a film screening. Is this a private or public event? Are you selling tickets? What movie do you want to play? Are you debuting an independent film or playing a commercial release? What format is the movie you are playing: digital, 35 mm, or a DVD?

Many theaters can arrange the details of the film rental, but some movies may not be available or may only be released in limited formats. Make sure that the correct equipment is available at the theater you are renting for the movie you want to play. Film rental costs vary depending on many factors including how new and popular the film is and whether or not you are charging for tickets.

Once you have determined what film you are playing and arranged for the venue and film rental, there are other things to consider. If you are selling tickets, how are you going to promote your event? Newspaper advertising, event calendars, posters, and social media are a good start. Will there be any other attractions besides the movie? Perhaps actors from the movie can attend or you can give away prizes. If you make the film screening into more of an event then just watching a movie, you will probably bring in a larger audience.

If you are holding your film screening at a theater, the concessions equipment will already be provided. If, however, you are holding the event at a park or a private residence, consider renting a popcorn machine and serving fresh popped popcorn with your event.

Most people enjoy watching a movie, so with the right planning, a film screen can be a popular and successful event.