Host Your Own Game Show

By April 24, 2012 No Comments

Do you watch game shows on television and shout the answers out to the television? Do you ever wish you were the contestant instead of whoever the show picked for the week?

Why not host your own game show? Game shows make great entertainment for parties and events or set one up as a fund raiser or stand alone function.

So what games can you play? A variety of games are available. Like Family Feud? Try the family friendly “Fabulous Feud”. Are you a fan of Wheel of Fortune? Give “Spin to Win” a spin. Tune in regularly to Jeopardy? Try your luck at “the Challenge”. Like to watch “Who Wants to be Millionaire”? Check out “Take the Deal”.

Want more games? How about “Who Wants to be a Game Show Maniac”, “Bingo”, “World Series of Pop Culture , the Singing B , “One vs 25”, “the Prize is Right or “Rack Yer Brain”?

Don’t see the game you want to play or have an idea for a unique game? Events Unlimited can help you make your idea into a reality, whatever game show you want to play.