Chips and (7 Layer) Dip

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One of the most important things for any party is the menu. Whether you are having an elaborate meal or just serving appetizers, guests appreciate having good food to nibble on while they mingle. The ideal appetizers should be easy and inexpensive to prepare, and they also need to taste great.

Chips are easy (just open the bag) and inexpensive but served by themselves, they are also boring, You can get a container of salsa to serve with the chips, and but unless the salsa is something really special, it is unlikely to be a source of much praise. Luckily there are many other kinds of dips you can make or buy.

Mexicali or 7 Layer dip is a favorite for parties. It doesn’t actually have to have 7 layers, there can be more or less depending on your preferences. You can purchase premade layered dip in stores; however, it is not difficult to make yourself and it tastes much better if it is homemade.

Here is the recipe I grew up with:

Mexicali Dip

In a large flat bowl, layer the following:

2 nine ounce cans bean dip (smashed flat)
3 ripe avocados mashed and mixed with 2 tablespoons lemonade
½ cup sour cream mixed with ½ cup mayonnaise and 1.25 ounces taco seasoning
Grated cheddar and jack cheese (enough to cover the entire bowl with a thick layer)
Chopped olives (1-2 small cans)
Chopped green olives (1 bunch)
Chopped tomatoes

Serve with corn chips.

This dip can be made a day or two in advance and kept in the fridge until the party. Be sure that if any perishable foods are going to be kept out for any length of time that they are kept at a cool temperature so they do not spoil. Placing the dip bowl over a tray of ice may be a smart idea during warm weather. You can purchase an inflatable buffet tray to fill with ice and set up on a table for a nominal cost. Another option is serve smaller portions and keep the remainder in the refrigerator or ice chest until the food that was served has been used.

If you want to serve warm appetizers, making nachos  is another great way to serve chips at a party.