Balloon Artists for Events

By April 19, 2012 No Comments

Recently at a family goods consignment sale, a balloon artist made a teddy bear for my son. It took him a few tries as a couple balloons popped as he tried to make the complicated bends and turns, but the finished balloon sculpture was amazing. Frankly I am surprised that any of the balloons survive to make a sculpture with all of the twisting and bending they go though. I can’t even blow those thin balloons up, let along make animals out of them.

Balloon sculpting reminds me of origami, but instead of folding paper, the person is folding a balloon which could pop at any moment. The concept is simple and you can find instructions for making basic balloon animals online , but to get really good at making the sculptures takes a lot of practice and a bit of luck.

A balloon artist is definitely a skilled craftsman and many of them are talented entertainers as well. Kids love watching creatures take shape out of the balloons and the finished creations make great party favors. To add a little extra fun to a party, get a balloon artist who is dressed up in costume as a favorite character or a clown. Balloon artists are wonderful for birthday parties and all sorts of events, especially events with kids involved.